An ode to tranquillity.

Dear Black Coffee,

Let me start by saying a humble, ‘Thank you.’ Thank you for being there for me, now and forever.

You came into my life in the most unexpected way. In fact, you were once a mere alternative. An alternative, which seemed best of the worst, if I may say.

How times have changed since and how we have grown closer amidst all the turmoil. I cannot fathom a life anymore without you by my side every morning and your scent filling the air. I resent that we once parted but never again.

Never again shall I betray your trust and team with your arch-nemesis – the decaf. Never!

Thank you ones again from the bottom of my heart, for being in my life. As I add another new coffee brand in the shopping basket, remember!

That despite what brand I pick, my loyalty towards you is eternal.

Nothing shall deter that. I hope you remain the same forever and always – dark, bitter & just strong enough to burn my soul and make me feel alive.

Yours truly.

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