An introduction

Hi there,

A little bit about this blog series, if the name ‘gibberishchronicles‘ was not obvious enough.

Be warned – You will see topics that are totally unrelated yet somehow make sense. Now, let’s not rate the latter. 🙂

Writing has always been a passion, and it has proved to be therapeutic in more ways than I can explain. It all started in my early teens with stories about demons, vampires, and paranormal activities.

Oh! How I wish now I kept those books safe.

I had a very dark imagination (and still do), so stories on that genre came naturally to me. Until I engrossed myself way too much into it that it lead me to an occasional state of paranoia. Basically, my creativity in this genre freaked the bejesus out of me.

So, I took a pause—a rather long one.

Not for fear of my twisted creativity, but life just happened, and I grew up to become busy with the mundane. However, the firm will to write has always been there. So, I started again. This time with a change in genre, a genre I have not been able to name yet. Something around the lines of – Life at it’s best and worst, with a dash and more of humor.

What you will find here, I hope, will make you chuckle, if not laugh. Make you think and ponder. And possibly, inspire or help you in someway.

Let’s just see what my mind has to unravel now.

Thank you for your time here. I hope it was well spent.

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