Hurry! Hurry, NOW!

The constant rush to do something, be someone, get somewhere.

We know the feeling, and most of us are victim to it, consciously or sub-consciously. Now, take me, for instance, I was a footling breech baby so, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, I literally ran out of my mother’s womb.

Ever since I gained consciousness towards my surroundings, I wanted to be like the ‘grown-ups,’ for the undeniable reasons we had as a kid, from being your own boss to not having to hear ‘NO,’ for an answer.

The ideas, we believed to be genuine, at that time. It all seemed to fit well and looked rather simple. It has been a race ever since! Until I realized one day, it does not have to be like this. It is not about winning the race or moving ahead of somebody but about finding those you can run along and enjoy life experience.

From time to time, your co-runners might change, but you will cherish those moments while they last- some pleasant, some not. When you look back, you will laugh at all the silly things you did and the beautiful people you met.

It is that sudden burst of laughter or a sly smile that appears on your face, in the middle of nowhere when you remember those moments. That feeling is what one should strive for.

As time goes by, we forget the simple pleasures in life; what it is like to be silly, laugh at your own mistakes, and embrace your own awkwardness.

When was the last time you let go of yourself and did something crazy? Nothing big, just simple crazy things.

So, today- Halt!

Bring out that inner kid in you.

Do not worry about what others think or how they would perceive you.

And take my word, being child-like is not directly proportional to being immature. Both are independent in nature.

Now, take a deep breath, 1..2….3……, go bonkers!

Image Credits – Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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