Ahhh… See the pun there – HAIRlarious.

If you know me well, you know that, apart from making terrible puns, I am also wholly obsessed (to name one) with cutting my hair short. There was a time when I had long, waist-length hair. But what can I say, one beautiful day I decided to go short; some 8+ years back and there is no turning back since. Now, I do love long hair but on others, and you have probably heard some tremendous lovely compliments from me if you are one of them.

In this context, my philosophy is “whatever works for you,” long/short/clean-shave, then again, please don’t just go about shaving others hair off their head. Quick tip, there.

For the short hair I have, I have had a variety of reactions. And one that explicitly stands out is ALWAYS, “Wow, you are brave. Are you not afraid of what others will think?.”

My response:

1. I am not brave, you may test it by placing a dog or spider next to me.

2. It is just HAIR. Wear it like you love it. I am aware that we are accustomed to thinking in a certain way because of various societal norms.

I also truly respect those who keep long hair or do clean shave for religious/cultural/personal reasons. But, to me, “what will others think” is just not a strong enough reason.

Similar context, during a festival, I once saw this lady beautifully dressed in traditional attire that was well accessorized, BUT she had a cap on her head.

She had shaved her head less than a week back, for religious reasons and did so willfully. Fair enough! Why the cap, though? Yup, you guessed the answer, right.

If she even said she was not comfortable with herself as this was the first time, she would have been spared from my 15 mins on-the-spot counseling.

To end on a happy note, as we grow old, we humans will lose our hair and eventually go bald. So wear it however you like it while it lasts. Unless you have good hair genes and you are still a Rupanzel or Goldilocks at 90, then I might be moderately jealous of you.

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